The Museum for American Band Education

Our Dream....a place to celebrate band education


Facility Description


Among those area we are hopeful to incorporate into the proposed facility includes a museum of artifacts and displays.  The museum of band education national artifacts including objects of John Philip Sousa, Archie McAllister, William Revelli, John M. Long and many other pioneers of band education. Artifacts from each member of the National High School Band Director’s Hall of Fame are including such as hats, uniforms, batons, music manuscript, trophies, pictures, videos, audio presentations, instruments, and many other items of notability.


An auditorium is proposed capable of housing both large and small performances. The area is retrofited for audio and visual recording of all performances. The stage area is to be equipped with additional footage for loading and unloading of equipment through its back stage loading area. 

Recording Studio

The recording studio is a multi faceted area equipped with digital recording devices for both visual and aural recording. Performances are recorded and may be electronically downloaded to teachers across the globe for educational services and on line teaching.

Music Technology Center

The music technology center is a resource center equipped with computers, mass media, electronic music educational publications, books, periodicals, and many other items for advanced educational research for band education in the curriculum. It is a center designed for all those interested in band education to browse, read, listen and engage in learning. The center is open to school field trips.

The Sousa Room

Named in honor of the legendary John Philip Sousa, this room is an area of many of the great march king’s artifacts and materials. It is a resource and tribute to the legendary band conductor for his contribution to the educational movement for band.

The Long Room

Named in honor of legendary John M. Long, this room is an area of many of the great band leader’s artifacts and materials. It is a resource and tribute to the man who trained more band directors than any one in the United States.


The facility will also serve as the home for the offices of the Executive Director, Curator, a conference room, a restrooms, and lounge area.

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The funds raised for this worthwhile profit will be used to convert an existing building into a facility of our needs.  The funds will allow us to rent a space and convert it into our dream.  Our Hall Fame is outgrowing the area where it currently housed; and, sadly, many of our donated artifacts are stored in a warehouse simply because we do not have the space for them to be displayed. 

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