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TO PROMOTE, ENCOURAGE, and ASSIST the excellence of high school band

 Music Education enhances the academic development of every child!

The High School Band Director's National Association

Presenting the HSBDNA

The High School Band Director's National Association (HSBDNA) is a 501 c-3 Non Profit Organization giving focus to the educational format of the high school band.

Band in Our Curriculum

Founded in 2004, we maintain the significance of the high school band as a vital component in the education curriculum.


We desire to promote our nation's finest band directors and students through our National High School Band Director's Hall of Fame; the All American National Honor Bands; and a the National Musuem for Band Education.

National High School Band Director's Hall of Fame

Celebrating our nations finest directors.  Several members also represent association with elite groups such as the American Bandmasters Association, the College Band Directors National Association, the National Band Association.

The All American High School Honor Band

Naming high school band students as All American Band Members by the HSBDNA.  National Honor Bands

Financial Support

Our organization is solely dependent upon gifts, donotions, and corporate sponsorship.  Corporate Sponsorships are available for the Hall of Fame; National Honor Bands; and the National Musuem.

Spotlight On A Legend


Dr. John M. Long

Read our Featured Article 


The Legend...My Mentor...My Friend

by Oliver C. Boone

A celebration focus on America's Bandmaster, The legendary John. M. Long.  The man who has trained more high school band directors than anyone is not just about teaching music.  He teaches life.

Grant Money = Band Instruments

Stanhope-Elmore HS Band

The Stanhope-Elmore HS Band and Millbrook MS of Alabama just received new instruments.

How did they do it?

Click below to read the article.

You read it here on the HSBDNA

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The ALL AMERICAN National Honor Bands

Directors-Nominate Your Students

Select your finest band members to be named ALL AMERICAN by the HSBDNA.

The National High School Marching Band

 Be a part of this national honor.  The best compiled marching band in the nation. 

The National High School Concert Band

 Be a part of this national honor.  The best compiled concert band in the nation. 

Our Simple Philosophy



Simply....we want to bring recognition to students, directors, administrators, etc.  Numerous times we see the celebration of sports figures ( and advocated) who are named to prestigious honors such as...All American or some specific national honor.  As those sports organizations focus on the talents of their athletes, we want to focus on the TALENTS OF OUR MUSICIANS AND TEACHERS.      



We want to focus on how a band director may have simply enlightened a student and changed their life. 

We want to focus on those hard working students and directors who give willingly their time, talent and efforts to promote the educational value of band.  Often they are un-celebrated adequately.  This is why the HSBDNA, as a national band association, will GIVE FOCUS to those that have moved the love of band education forward.....either through performance or honor with awards.  



Has a Band Director made a difference in your life?  Let us know.

We believe it is important to bring a positive focus on honoring great students and teachers.

Help Us Promote Band Education


Announcing the Museum for the American High School Bands


The museum is a facility designed to house the High School Band Director’s National Hall of Fame,  the educational medium of band education including a museum a learning resource center; audio and visual technology centers, performance hall, and the national headquarters for the HSBDNA. The facility is designed to be a global interactive center for the advocacy of band in the educational curriculum which will house a museum of band education national artifacts. The museum will be the only facility of its kind in the nation.  Its development helps ensure the continued existence of the high school band and its impact on the development of the whole child and instrumental music of our nation.We started out by practicing in my parents’ garage during high school. We spent many long nights writing, playing, and eating pizza to produce our first album. Our group was cemented together through a love of music and a passion for creating. 

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Home of High School Band Director's National Hall of Fame

HSBDNA Executive Director, Dr. Oliver Boone, speaks at the famed Springer Opera House during a Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.


Performance and Continuing Education

We offer continuing education courses for the band director.  Written by band directors-for band directors.  Our courses can be downloaded and completed within 2-3 days.    

HSBDNA sanctions performances, clinics and festivals across the U.S.

HSBDNA is a Non Profit 501 C3 Organization

Dr. Oliver Boone honors Harold Blankenship into the High School Band Directors Hall of Fame

Your kind contributions help in the following areas

Honoring and Promoting Outstanding Band Directors through the Hall of Fame 

Col Hal Gibson performs a clinic with a high school concert band.

Your generous assistance helps us to honor Students

Supporting and sanctioning performances, clinics and bringing National Honor to Band Students into the HSBDNA All American Band.

Imagine a museum dedicated to band education exhibits from the great band leaders of history.

Your contributions are tax deductable

Your contribution will finance awards, music, concerts, and music education.  Help us to also build the nations first national musuem for band education.

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Sponsor Our Events


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions support the funding of awards, media, performances, etc.  100% of your contribution goes to support band.  Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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