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 The nomination process for candidacy to the National High School Band Directors Hall of Fame should be submitted on a prescribed Nomination Form, together with the signatures of a sponsor and school administrator by any of the following:

  1. The name of a nominee may be submitted by a current Member to the Executive Committee.
  2. The name of a nominee may be submitted by a school superintendent or principal, high school band organization executive committee, national band organization executive committee or its representative, and private individual.
  3. The name of a nominee may be submitted by colleges and universities who desire to recognize and honor their distinguished music alumni.

The focus for selection is largely based on those band directors who have identified themselves with exemplary performances on the concert stage, marching or jazz stage. Strong reflection is given to those candidates who have excelled in performances and events such as national concert festivals and concert clinics of significance. Additional reflection is considered for those candidates whose bands have appeared in major television half time shows/parades and other public events. Minimum requirements for selection include:

  1. 10 or more years of successful teaching experience in the field of band.
  2. Numerous and consistent superior ratings in concert festival performances for 10 or more years.
  3. Maintain superior ratings or justify significant national performances in either jazz or marching events for 5 or more years.

All nominees are required to have taught at a regionally accredited school organization for the aforementioned minimum requirements. An official nomination form for qualifying candidates may be secured from the Office of the Executive Director or the web site. The Nomination Form must be completed and returned to the Executive Director by November 15th of each year. Once the Executive Committee determines the successful qualifications of the nominee, the candidate will receive a letter of invitation from the NHSBD HOF inviting them to submit his or her formal candidacy for nomination. 

Process for Formal Candidacy Nomination


Formal candidates must:

  1. Submit a recording of their band in performance of a qualifying piece (set forth by the Board of Directors).
  2. Submit a professional paper to be utilized on the Hall of Fame web site. The paper (five to ten pages doubled spaced) should focus on an educational topic related to band; teaching, conducting, performance enhancement of concert literature, or instrumental performance development or enhancement. The National High School Band Directors Hall of Fame reserves the right for publication ownership.
  3. Submit a personal 8 x 10 color photo to be used for the Hall of Fame Exhibit and web site.

The Executive Committee shall approve each candidate for invitation to membership by a majority vote. Candidates selected for membership will be notified by February 15th following the November 15th deadline for application. 


 Individuals who are no longer active in high school band teaching, yet have met the qualifying requirements for candidacy, are eligible for consideration by following the aforementioned nomination process. Non active membership selection does not require the candidate to submit a recording of a qualifying piece. 



Individuals considered for Honorary Membership shall have a proven record of outstanding achievement in the field of the concert band and its music. Additionally, they should maintain a record of professionalism and fellowship among directors and possess an increasingly higher standard of artistic excellence for all facets of the concert, marching, and jazz bands. They should have a history of advocacy for band education as well as its performers, its conductors and its literature. They should show a continuing support and/or greater contribution through the concert band to the musical life and culture of all peoples.



Those individuals desiring consideration for candidacy may be attained by firms, organizations, and individuals engaged in the music industry or related fields who wish to identify themselves with the objectives and activities of the Association. Such firms, organizations, and/or individuals may apply in writing to the Executive Committee. The application process requires a $100 application fee which should be formally submitted to the Executive Committee within the aforementioned time requirements for regular candidacy. Those elected are entitled to advertisement space on the web site. CORPORATE ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP may be conferred upon any person who has contributed in a noteworthy manner to the advancement of concert, marching, or jazz bands or its literature.

Those candidates who are selected for membership will receive various materials of membership as well as a membership plaque.