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Band Directors Can Earn

Continuing Education Hours On Line
Continuing Education Units (CEU) or
Professional Learning Units (PLU)

which are used for renewal of teaching certificates.

Courses can be taken on line in the comfort of your personal computer at at your own leisure.

Courses can be completed on average within 1-2 days.

Our menu currently has ten courses to select from.  Otehr courses will be continually added to the menu.

Each course meets the guidelines and protocol mandated by federal standards.  Each course is equilivent to 10 hours of instruction and represents one hour of CEU or PLU.  Most states require 10 hours of PLU or CUE every five years for teacher recertification. 

Approval of accreditation is subject to approval of your local superintendent.

Courses for Band Directors

Finally.  Actual continuing education courses that pertain to your actual career.  Instead of attending those boring sessions which offer the director little to their profession, these courses are written by band director's...for band director's.

 All Courses $25 each

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History of Bands in the US


From Sousa to Revelli, this course is designed to provide a greater understanding of the history of the band movement encompassing bands of the military, collegiate, community and secondary schools. 

Current Trends for the High School Band


 From selection of music, to classroom management, to public relaations. This course is designed to assist the band direcrtor with today's issues of managing the band program. 

Future Trends for the High School Band


 From school climate to fiscal management for the future.  This course is designed to bring the director into the forefront for future administrative endeavors. 

Selecting the Best Muic For Your Band


 Helping you choose that very best music for that very best special occasion...and some practical knowledge every band director should know. 

Marketing and Promoting Your Band


 Exploring media outlets and utilizing internet technology, this course is designed to promote your band to receive ultimate attention. 

Working with School Administrators, School Board and Band Boosters


This course is a must for the young director who desires strategies for effective relationships with major stakeholder associations.

Classroom Management for the Band Director


This course is packed with effective and proven strategies for the band director in areas such as: classroom discipline, time management, curriculum alignment for Annual Yearly Progress and School Improvement Plans, and current trends in education.

Teaching Specialized Instruments


Finally some tips for teaching those instruments you may have played, i.e. double reeds, etc.

Writing the Band Booster Organizational Charter (coming soon)


Understanding the infrastructure necessary for the writing of a band booster charter.  A working understanding with the non profit filing with the Government

Strategies for Effective Sightreading


Strategies and lesson plans to help your band build those necessary sight reading tips to rate higher at festival.

Brass Instrument Repair Tips (coming soon)


Watch our expert take you through the steps to repair most brass instruments to keep your students playing.

Woodwind Instrument Repair Tips (coming soon)


 Watch our expert take you through the steps to repair most woodwind instruments to keep your students playing. 


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