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Virgil Spurlin


When asked to reflect on his high school band director, President William Clinton stated, “My high school band director, Virgil Spurlin, had a huge impact on my life.. He took a personal interest in kid. He also was always looking for things that young people could do besides play music. We put on the state band festival every year, for example, and he let lots of us help. And he taught us basic organizational skills and how to allocate resources and move things around. But always he was trying to find things that people were good at. He thought that everybody was good at something and if he just looked hard enough he could find it, he could convince them of it, and he could raise their aspirations and their hopes. He was unbelievable. All my life I thought of him. Virgil M. Spurlin served as the director of bands at Hot Springs High School. Perhaps the greatest achievement of any teacher is how your students perceive you. “My wonderful high school band director, Virgil Spurlin…..I don't think I would have become President if it hadn't been for school music.” William Clinton.