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High School Band Directors
Hall of Fame Foundation


Board of Trustees

Dr. Oliver C. Boone, Chair

Dr. George Corradino, Co Chair

Mr. Harold Blankenship

Dr. Thomas Childers

Mr. Vincent Rosse


To promote the continued existence of band education in our nations schools through the areas of Scholarship; Research; Literature; and General Support.


To present scholarships annually to qualifying students majoring in band (Music Education)


To provide research justifying the existence and significance of band in our schools curriculum .   To justify the educational enhancement that band demonstrates for the educational development of the   whole child.


To encourage and support the development of new band literature for the high school bands

General Support

To offer support to qualifying high school bands in areas of instruments, services/supplies, and music.   These are areas which many school districts can simply not afford to meet in today’s economic diversity.


General Support Grant Information

The HSBDNA Foundation offers high school bands an opportunity to make application for financial assistance.  Requirements for the diversification of the funds is based on each individual band's need in the areas of instruments, services/supplies and music.  

The maximum annual award per band is $500.  Once a band has become a recipient of the award, there is a three year time period before they are eligible for future grants.  

Once a band makes application for the grant, their documentation is reviewed by the Board of Trustees with announcements of the grants becoming public in September of each year.   

Bands making application are required for their director to be an active member of the High School Band Directors National Association.

Awarding of the grant is based on financial availability.  The decisions of the Board of Trustees are final.


High School Band Directors National Association Hall of Fame Foundation Grant


Band Name __________________________________________ Principal ______________

Director Name ___________________________ ___ Member of HSBDNA (Y) ___ (N) ___

Address of School ___________________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State __________________________Zip _________

Telephone (Office) __________________ (School) _____________ (Home) ______________

E-Mail Address _____________ Number of Students in Band __________

Describe the primary area in which the grant would be applied:

Music _______  Instruments _____  Supplies _____

In your own words, describe your need for the grant recognizing you, as the director and principal of the school, will be required to provide documentation justifying how the grant has been applied to your band's need .







Principal's Name _____________________ (Print)               Director's Name __________________ (Print)

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